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Essential Questions Books

Marama Warren: Essential Questions

A new book coming soon – Journaling (Essential Questions for One)

Essential Questions is a set of simple sequenced open questions that helps you find clarity about any aspect of your life. It was devised several years ago by Marama and two colleagues, Penny Lumb and Michelle Moulos as a tool that anyone can use to gain clarity about any aspect of their life.

EQ consists of a sequence of carefully selected open questions and is valuable for communication, problem solving and personal decision making in matters of the heart, families, communities, businesses and corporations.

Essential Questions can be safely used for problem solving, decision making and creative solutions in any area of your life. Based on the concept that you are the expert in your own life, the questions guide you to describe and observe an issue, identify strengths and resources, and consider actions or new directions. This leads to greater options and a sense of self that is wider than the problem. Many people who have used EQ describe the experience as transformative.

Since the mid 1990’s we have developed, taught and used EQ. We are convinced of its value. We have helped ourselves, friends and community members to find calm and clarity by asking these simple open questions, often beginning with ‘what’ or ‘how’, asked without interference or comment; simply asked. The format of the questions carries you through an issue, providing a safe passage toward gaining a new perspective.

Whether listening to another’s responses or listening to their own, people become more empathic, connected and accepting. It is a gentle and authentic process that becomes a known, trusted ‘anchor’ to return to in any new dilemma.

For more information about the Essential Questions books, workshops and individual sessions, contact Marama.

One comment on “Essential Questions Books

  1. Marg O'Riordan
    September 1, 2013

    I enjoyed my visit to your site today Marama – love the concept of EQ. When will the book be published, Love Margi.

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