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PLACE exhibition online

The PLACE exhibition of artists’ books opened in Wollongong in October 2018 and since then has been travelling to galleries around Australia.

It is now installed at Canberra’s Museum and Gallery. Unfortunately, the gallery is currently closed due to Covid 19 but the books in the exhibition can be viewed online at Avril Makula’s website, Alphabet City Press. It’s certainly worth a look, and showcases a broad variety of work from many of Australia’s top book artists.


we have just heard from Rowan Henderson the Assistant Director, Exhibitions and Collections at CMAG, that images of the books are also on their website….

I have two books in this exhibition:


here and now marama


Here & Now  8.5cm x 7.5cm Hexagonal structure. Digital prints on parchment and handmade plant paper. Edition of 20.

The images in this book began as monoprints using handmade stamps on paper. I manipulated them digitally to create a series of mandalas. The book is intended as a meditation – to gently bring the reader into the present moment – which is, I am learning in these uncertain times, the best place to be.

and Migration (Place to Place) 12.5cm x 9cm x 1cm

Digital prints on handmade papers. Woven concertina binding. Migration (Place to Place) was inspired by The Overwintering Project, an environmental art project curated by Kate Gorringe-Smith. Kate has done a fantastic job bringing awareness through printmaking to the plight of migratory birds.

Kate Gorringe-Smith

PLACE brings together 39 book artists from NSW, ACT, Victoria and Queensland. Each artist has explored the theme of place in their work, whether a physical location or a place of their imagination. The books vary in size, content and technique, and form an extraordinary collection of books that is intended to delight and intrigue the viewer.

Avril Makula and Liz Jeneid, the curators of this exhibition, are both involved in the making of books. Avril is a book designer and maker of unique books who explores the book as art using typography, geometry and colour as content. Liz is a printmaker who has experimented with different approaches, combining various techniques in the bookmaking process. Liz also pioneered a bookmaking course at UOW Faculty of Creative Arts.

Artists included in PLACE are

Judy Barrass, Julie Barratt, Barbara Bartlett, Julie Bookless

Judy Bourke, Sara Bowen, Deidre Brollo, Jackie Cavallaro

Barbara Davidson, Jan Davis, Cathie Edlington

Caren Florance, Robyn Foster, Lisa Giles

Gwen Harrison and Sue Anderson

Fran Ifould, Liz Jeneid, Penelope Lee

Avril Makula, Helen Malone, Cynthia Marsh

Katharine Nix, Monica Oppen, Kathryn Orton

Lucia Parrella, Beverley Quenault, Mary Rosengren

Helen Sanderson, Gary Smith, Jo Southorn

Cindy Tonkin, Terence Uren, Anna Warren

Marama Warren, Sandra Winkworth

Tim Winters, Diana Wood Conroy, Vicki Woolley

You can read a review of the exhibition here:




3 comments on “PLACE exhibition online

  1. greengaze
    April 11, 2020

    such beautiful books, it’s a shame that they won’t be seen by more.

  2. sandyaureli
    April 13, 2020

    Dear Marama Nice to see you and Liz Jeneid in the same exhibition. Is there really someone called Bookless? It was a bit sneaky making us click on every image to discover the maker but I could easily spot yours, of course – the birds and the bees! XXX Lots of love XXX Sandy

  3. caralan
    April 13, 2020

    Amazing creativity, as always. Congrats

    Hope you are both happy and healthy.

    We are doing well and almost enjoying the isolation. (esp me) :)



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