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Bee Boy’s Song Template

I’ve had many requests to post a template for my book, The Bee Boy’s Song. I have finally managed to draw one (it was harder to make the template than it was to make the book!) – so here it is for those who asked. Click on the link below:

hexagonal book template.creativemarama

This year I made a new book based on this hexagonal template. I created coloured mandalas in hexagonal shapes. These images began as mono prints using handmade stamps. I manipulated them digitally to create these mandalas. The book is intended as a meditation – to still the mind and bring the reader into the present moment – which is, I believe, the best place to be.

Titled Here and Now (everything falls into place), the book is currently travelling around Australia in a group exhibition titled PLACE curated by Liz Jeneid and Avril Makula. The next venue for PLACE will be Orange Regional Gallery, New South Wales from 19th October until 15th December.

It will be on show in the ACT at Canberra Museum & Art Gallery next year from March 28 – July 4, 2020. You can read a review of the show here:

There was a comment on my Bee Book blog post this week regarding bees living in the wall of our house. They had been there peacefully for years but it was time for them to go when they gradually started coming into the house.

After much investigation and lots of advice (mostly ‘experts’ said the only way to remove the bees was to kill them), we finally found someone from the local Beekeepers’ Association. He carefully and methodically built a ‘trap out’ – which was a good idea but was ultimately unsuccessful. Eventually he removed a sheet of cladding from the side wall of the timber house and was able to gently vacuum up the bees. He took them, with the queen (and the masses of honeycomb) to a new location and started a new hive. Remarkably, there were no aggressive bees and we were never stung.

I do miss the busyness of the bees and their gentle buzzing. This honeycomb came out of the wall and went off with the bees to establish a new hive.

One comment on “Bee Boy’s Song Template

  1. Veronika Lennon
    September 12, 2019

    Thank You soooooooooooooooo much for sending us all the Bee Hive instructions…love it……….

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