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Owl Dream

This is a new book I have made for an exhibition titled ‘Between the Sheets 2019’ which opens in Perth tonight.

What do I love to do between the sheets? One thing I love to do is dream.

I recently had a dream about an owl. That day I’d been reading a fascinating book titled ‘The Transformational Power of Dreaming’. In the book the authors Stephen Larsen and Tom Verner talk of writing dreams as a pantoum – a poetry form with repeating lines which originated in Malaysia in the C15th.

My book ‘Owl Dream’ is a single signature pop-up with digital prints from my handmade walnut and copper inks. It is printed on goatskin parchment and handmade papers (including recycled cotton sheets!). The text, in the form of a pantoum and tells the story of my dream.

‘Between the Sheets’ is curated by David Forrest and Jánis Nedéla, the directors of Gallery East. It will run at Gallery Central, 12 Aberdeen Street, Perth from 30th August until 21st September before travelling to Victoria and NSW.

You can see the online catalogue here:

The Gallery East invitation says:

‘Gallery East presents an exhibition of 70 works by 59 artists from seven countries challenging the notions of the traditional book. Makers include printmakers, photographers, architects, wordsmiths, textile artists, painters, sculptors, digital artists, and, for the first time, a glass artist, with both traditional and contemporary approaches to creating books of art and art of books to inspire and captivate the viewer.

The artist’s book is above all a physical object with which everyone can interact.  Indeed, possibly alone in contemporary art practice Artists’ books have a universal appeal: an engagement with everyone who has held a book in his or her hand.

Books as art objects become more than containers of information, but works of art in themselves. While many artists are concerned with content, images, ideas or inventions, others use a variety of media, shapes and structures to create unique book works.  Now seen as a distinct art form, artists’ books have a growing appeal to artists, collectors, curators and the viewing public.’

For those of you who live in Perth, Paul Uhlmann, Artist and Senior Lecturer at Edith Cowan University will give a floor talk at the gallery at 2pm on Saturday 7th September.


Below is the link to an article about cataloguing my books at the NZ National Library by Hannah Mettner. She has done a great job explaining the intricacies of accurately listing more than 70 of my artist’s books.  Scroll down to see photos.


2 comments on “Owl Dream

  1. Kim Gregory
    September 1, 2019

    Marama, that is an exquisite book! The owl image is evocative, capturing the fleeting mystery of dreams. Thank you for the links also, very interesting reading.

  2. Marama
    September 3, 2019

    Thanks for your comments. There seems to be a problem with them disappearing at the moment.Testing testing.

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