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Vintage cookbook changes form

changing form .1 - marama


Vintage cookbook

once discarded

lends its paper

to new forms.

Egg shell cup and saucer take shape.

From the old new dreams are born.

Who would have thought I could make a cup and saucer from the pages of this old cook book?

I even surprised myself!

I have been hibernating recently and ruminating on life, the Universe and everything. This theme of changing form is familiar to me and frequently appears in my work.  As my mind and heart were engaged, my hands were busy too.

I tore strips from the yellowed margins of The Kitchen Enclyclopedia, broke them into small squares and assembled them like mosaics around the inside of a favourite old teacup. I made a solution of rice flour glue mixed with PVA and stuck the whole thing together in a wet, sloppy mess. Then I repeated the process to make the saucer. Luckily it was a breezy day and it all dried well in the sun.

The cup handle was trickier and I had several attempts to get it right using torn pieces of text from the book and some wire. I made several, let them dry and then chose one to attach to the cup (using gel medium). Then I wrote the poem above and scattered the words in the bottom of the cup to look like tea leaves.

The altered book, along with the cup and saucer are currently on display at Guild 16, an exhibition of recent works by Canberra Craft Bookbinders’ Guild members at Canberra’s Civic Library – Mezzanine Gallery.

An online catalogue of the 33 works of fine, contemporary, sculptural and challenging hand bookbinding can be viewed at






One comment on “Vintage cookbook changes form

  1. sandyaureli
    August 28, 2016

    Proud to have seen it in its birthplace Marama! Would have loved all three of your exhibits to be on the same page in the catalogue to show the range of your work. Hope it’s all on a double page spread at least. Congratulations on being 10% of the exhibition! X Sandy

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