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Print Gocco* and International Women’s Day

I’ve been rummaging through my files and archives over the past few weeks and have come across all kinds of surprising discoveries.


goddess collage small


  • This is a collage of some ancient goddesses which I editioned as a shin kohanga** print many years ago. I made a series of  prints as a tribute to the feminine qualities that enrich my life.

  • And I found a poem titled Interweave, which I wrote over 25 years ago for my dear friend, poet Dorothy Swoope. I dedicated the poem to my 94 year old mother when I read it this week at the 2016 Shoalhaven International Women’s Day Awards at The Women’s House, Meroogal in Nowra New South Wales. Here it is:


I sit and watch Kim braid your hair

mother, daughter, teacher, friend,

and see the endless tapestry

that women just like you and me

have woven through eternity.


We all are mothers-daughters without end

mother, daughter, teacher, friend.

Each intertwines to make us one

and on through time the web is spun.


I sit and watch Kim braid your hair

mother, daughter, teacher, friend,

and link in silent understanding

of the silver female thread

that mothers wove in times gone by

and daughters bear

into the times ahead.

I was happy to be with friends at the Meroogal gathering for International Women’s Day in the garden of that gracious old house and was inspired by the lives and stories of many of the women there.

I was also honoured to receive an International Women’s Day Award for my ‘dedication to art, bookmaking, printing and writing and enriching the community’ presented by Judith Reardon on behalf of the Women’s Day Collective, Meroogal and Sydney Living Museums.

*Print Gocco is a self-contained compact colour printing system invented in 1977 by Noboru Hayama. It was an affordable, versatile and extremely popular method of home printing (on card and fabric) until home inkjet and laser printers took over. The Print Gocco process was basically a scaled down version of large commercial screen printing techniques and is still a brilliant invention although the inks and screens are becoming harder to find.

**Shin Kohanga is a large format and high definition version of the Print Gocco method. It is an art form in its own right, based on the ancient Japanese art of woodblock printing. A design is broken down into multiple layers and over-printed, producing up to 200 fine art style prints from one set of screens.

The thing I love the most about Print Gocco and Shin Kohanga is that you can print in gold, silver, bronze and pearlescent inks – something the most brilliant desktop printer just cannot match.




2 comments on “Print Gocco* and International Women’s Day

  1. greengaze
    March 15, 2016

    wonderful to see that print again and your heartfelt poem. You are truly inspirational. xo

  2. dinahpearlbutton
    March 25, 2016

    I love this poem so much. I think it will be read for a long time to come! Congratulations on your well deserved award!

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