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What do you do with all those blank books?

more blank books

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what do you do with all those blank books?

What do you do with all those beautiful books you’ve made? It Is compelling to explore and experiment with book structures and satisfying to produce the finished books.

Finding Content, my upcoming workshop in Auckland next October will address the topic of filling some of these books with self-generated text and imagery. Whenever I run this workshop, book artists get very excited to discover it can be fun to find their own ways to add content to their previously blank books. It may be a logical process or the putting together of two previously unrelated things or ideas to create something new.

Finding Content is being offered in conjunction with the New Zealand Association of Book Crafts 2014 International Conference.

In the workshop, you will learn skills to develop text and images to integrate into your own artist’s books. We will use practical exercises such as writing prompts and techniques with the non-dominant hand. We will develop themes using images through mark making, creative word play, collage and stamping and combine text and images in an appropriate book structure – or plan a rough design for future books using ideas formulated in the class.

When I was in Auckland recently I went to check out the venue for my workshop which is to take place on Monday 27th October (Labour Day holiday in New Zealand).

AUT print room.2

The Print Room at the Auckland University of Technology in downtown Auckland (above) is like a dream! It’s on the top (seventh) floor and when I stepped into it I felt as if I was on top of the world.

Thanks to artist/designer/instructor Lesley Kaiser from AUT and Lynne Melton from the New Zealand Association of Book Crafts for arranging the venue. Also to AUT printmaker/technician Kate Zizys who has generously offered her assistance on the day.


Finding Content with Marama Warren

In association with the NZ Association of Book Crafts 2014 International Conference

Monday 27th October 10a.m. – 1pm. Venue: AUT Print Room, Auckland N.Z. Cost NZ$65.

Please register your interest to attend this workshop with Mary Molloy:


phone Auckland 64 09 298 9288.

Irene's flag book

Irene’s flag book


Counting in Maori

Charlotte's design

Charlotte’s design







earthquake - marama warren




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