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Dream Image Journal

“Your unconscious mind is an ever-present, built-in personal guide and benefactor, the single greatest creativity teacher you will ever have.” Sandra Schuman.

For more than thirty years, I have kept a written record of my dreams. Mostly I have written them in the back pages of my everyday journal, but sometimes I have had a special book just for my dreams.

Some dreams I remember only in pictures and the best way to keep a record of these dreams is to draw them. When I studied printmaking with Australian print maker, Joyce Allen in Bowral, NSW, many of these dream images provided the ideas for my prints. Over the years, my dreams have been a source of inspiration for much of my writing and art.

honey pot dream -marama warren

A drawing of my ‘honeypot’ dream

Since the eighties, I have been lucky enough to share and explore dreams with my friend Penelope, with guidance from Robert Johnson’s book Inner Work. We have such a long history of dreaming together that sometimes we can’t remember whose dream was whose.

Sharing and talking about dreams is a great incentive to remembering them and we have had a lot of fun and gained a lot of insight from doing this.  Over the past five years or so, we have joined with other dreamers, Michelle and Kim, meeting one evening a month to share a meal and talk about our dreams.

In January 2012 I began keeping a different kind of dream journal.

I made a large format (A4) book and created an image for every dream I remembered, whether it came with an image or not. This was quite challenging and also rewarding to find an image that captured the essence of each dream in this way (see my drawing above for honey pot, the first entry in my new journal a year ago). I was encouraged to do this by Sandra Shuman’s brilliant book Source Imagery (re-published by Doubleday in 1989).

In Source Imagery, Sandra Shuman says:

  • Every image, whether it arises in dreams or artwork has both an artistic and spiritual dimension.
  •  It’s an archaeological find made up of invisible layers, possessing individual and universal component and a healing message.
  • Learning to work with your own special cache of images, or “source images,” will help your creativity grow and develop of its own accord.

More about dreams again soon.


One comment on “Dream Image Journal

  1. sandyaureli
    January 24, 2013

    But what did the writing on the pot say? I’m sure there was a meaningful message there!

    XX Sandy

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