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Making a collagraph

Collagraph printing is a technique where textured materials are glued on to a base to make a plate or block which can then be inked (with a printmaking brayer or by using a brush) and transferred on to a prepared surface.

Marama - collagraph bowl

collagraph bowl print using cardboard shapes

Collagraphs are an easy and satisfying way to make prints using found materials such as cut out cardboard, string, rice, plants or whatever else might trigger your imagination. Last week I found this beautiful old linen lace square in an opportunity shop and decided to use it to make some prints.  

creativemarama - old linen square for collograph

Old lace square for collagraph plate

I glued the square onto a piece of heavy card (it was straw board but matt board would do) using PVA and when it was dry, I coated the linen and board on both sides with two coats of shellac to make it waterproof. This became my collagraph plate. Here is the plate.

creativemarama - collograph ready to print

Collagraph plate inked for printing

Then I rolled oil based printmaking ink (waterbased would do) onto the collagraph using a brayer, placed a sheet of dampened printmaking paper on top of the cardboard plate and rolled it all through the old wooden mangle I use as a printing press. I used a rag paper for letterpress printing. Here are the results.

creativemarama - collograph print on paper

Lace collagraph print

creativemarama - collagraph print on paper

Another print from the lace collagraph

Collagraphs are so much fun to make and you never know what interesting and unexpected prints they might produce. If you don’t have a press, you can rub a fine Japanese paper on to the block to transfer the ink.

Check out this link for more information about collagraphs.


2 comments on “Making a collagraph

  1. Kath
    July 22, 2012

    Hi Marama
    I love the latest creative treat on your web page! I want to make a collagraph – a workshop? Kathx.

    • creativemarama2
      July 22, 2012

      Great idea Kath. The stitch group could find fabulous fabrics to print!


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