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Seven Free Journaling Tips

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I have been keeping all kinds of journals for many years now. Here are my seven tips for starting and keeping a successful journal.

1. Intention. What is your intention in keeping a journal? Your journal can be whatever you want or need it to be. Make your own rules and feel free to change them from time to time. Remember you are embarking on a process rather than producing a product.

2. Privacy. If you want your journal to be private, keep it in a hidden folder, a box or a bag and out of sight. Don’t leave it around inviting attention. If you are worried about prying eyes, write lists or draw your feelings. You may even invent your own code.

3. Regularity. Write when you can. If you set yourself a goal of writing every day, it’s easy to feel disheartened if you don’t. Find your own rhythm or just write when you can and date each entry to give yourself a sense of progress.

4. Play! Give yourself permission to make mistakes. Don’t worry about spelling and grammar. Smudges and crossings out are definitely OK. Experiment with crayons, paints, collage etc. If you’re not confident about making art in your journal, practise on loose sheets of paper and paste in what you want to keep.

5. Feeling stuck? First of all, Take a few deep breaths. Write or draw with your other (non dominant) hand. This is an excellent way to overcome blocks as it connects you to different parts of your brain. Using crayons helps to free things up too.

6. Make lists of things you love (or hate) to do; favourite places; the things you are grateful for; your earliest memories. Use any of all of the items on your lists as ideas for writing prompts.

7. Begin where you are now. Write about the present moment; the light around you; the way your body is feeling; what you had for breakfast. Once you start, you will find that your writing will lead you to where your awareness lies.


One comment on “Seven Free Journaling Tips

  1. Sandy Aureli
    July 24, 2012

    Wonderful Marama! You make it all so stress-free and nourish our efforts in such a positive and supportive way. Those of us who are privileged to come to work with you at the Thursday journalling group in Ulladulla must give thanks for the opportunity we’ve been presented with. I for one am truly grateful.
    Love, Sandy

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